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  Because wisdom starts with curiosity

Let's be curious together!

Have you ever been asked about what you consider to be your strengths?

Maybe this doesn’t come up so much in casual conversation, but according to the internet it qualifies as one of the most commonly-asked interview questions. I’d always considered curiosity to be one of my strengths, though I’m not sure it was as valued by employers, and frankly, I wasn’t entirely sure exactly why it is a strength.

Fortunately with age comes wisdom, and I appreciate my always-on sense of curiosity. Curiosity inspires me to explore and learn new things. Almost anything can be interesting, making the world a smorgasbord of discovery and delight.

When I discover something that’s interesting, insightful, clever, funny, moving and/or inspiring, I don’t want to keep it to myself.


I want to share it with others who might also find value in it... like YOU.

Welcome to The Share!

The Share is a short bulletin I send out periodically (at least once per month, not more than once per week, we’ll see how it goes) with interesting articles, videos, blogs, podcasts and recommendations that complement what I’ve learned and teach as a coach.


These are stories that go deeper into why we do what we do and illuminate the experience of being human and navigating our lives. Sometimes it will be fun and quirky. Always, the stories will be handpicked by me to share especially with you.

I suspect you and I are interested in some of the same things. My intention is to send a few useful, interesting links to be enjoyed when you want to indulge your curiosity.


Say YES to curiosity and the thrill of learning something new! It's free!

Curated reading for curious humans

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Curated reading for curious humans!

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