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Has this ever happened to you?

You’re interested in doing something, and you get excited about it, but it feels risky and maybe a little vulnerable… so you start thinking thoughts like, can I really do this? What will people think? What if I mess it up? What if it doesn’t work out?

That’s a sign that fear has kicked in and highjacked your enthusiasm, your motivation, and your creative energy. And it shut down the inner voice of knowing that was nudging you toward something you really want. Ugh!!

If there’s one thing that can really hold you back, it’s fear. We all experience it. It’s a constant companion on our journey because fear is one of the basic functions of our brain. Fear is trying to keep us safe but often it ends up keeping us stuck.

One of the biggest fears that keeps people stuck is the fear of failure. This fear is so strong that it can keep us playing small – or not trying at all – to avoid the possibility of failure.

To be honest, I’ve had my own experience with this fear. For example, a few years ago, a friend of mine started a ‘365 project’ where she took a picture every day for a year and posted her daily picture to an online journal. Following her project rekindled my interest in photography that had been dormant for years, and the project looked like fun.

But instead of starting my own project, I had thoughts like:

You won’t have enough ideas.

Your pictures won’t be good enough.

People will laugh at you.

This is stupid.

And you know what? I held back. I didn’t pick up my camera. I didn’t start the project.

I watched my friend’s project for months – months! – before I finally took a step forward. This was a pretty low-stakes project. Why did I waste so much time in that straitjacket of fear?

I wish I’d known then what I know now – about fear, and how it works, and how to get past it.

That’s why I created something special for you – to help you get unstuck from the fear of failure that holds you back from going for more of what you want in your life.

It’s my new digital class, Say YES! To Failure: Your Secret To Success.

I’m sharing the most important – actually, vital – things I’ve learned to help you understand:

• what causes fear of failure

• how important it is to fail

• steps you can take to fail your way to success

When you sign up for this class, you’ll get access to a video training packed with information and insights to change how you think about fear, plus a workbook with exercises designed to help you apply what you’re learning to your own life. Instant ah-has await!

You’ll also get a special bonus to motivate you to stop hiding/stalling/avoiding and embrace failure as part of your path to success. (I’m really excited about sharing this bonus with you – it’s fun and inspirational!)

No matter the kind of change you want to make in your life – big or small – fear of failure can stop you in your tracks. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Don’t waste days, weeks, months (like I did!) avoiding the thing you want to do – kick fear out of the driver’s seat so you’re in charge.

Are you ready? (I know you can do this!)

Let’s get started!

Investment: $49

Sign up for Say YES! To Failure now!

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