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Dreams Come True: What We Learned (part 2)

In my Dreams Come True series, I shared with you the stories of accomplished people who found their unique path to a career that’s perfect for them. (If you’re new here, you can catch up with their Dreams Come True stories on my blog.)

Their stories are compelling and worth noting because, while each individual has their own particular story, there are common themes that run through all of their experiences.

Which means: we can learn from them.

In my last post I presented three lessons you can take away from the Dreams Come True series and apply in your own life. Today, we have three more lessons to look at.

Whether you want a new career that makes you feel good about getting up in the morning, or you simply want to bring more pleasure into your life – these lessons are for you! They’re all about how you authentically create a more satisfying, meaningful life that’s just right for you.

So let’s take another look at what the Dreams Come True stories reveal about finding your authentic path.

Pay attention to your inner wisdom that says THIS IS IT

There is a part of you that’s always guiding you toward your best life, but instead of using words to communicate, it uses sensations. When you do something that truly lights you up – you feel it.

The exact sensation might differ from person to person, but it’s going to be like an inner spark, a thrill, an excitement. Something just clicks and turns on an inner sense that THIS IS IT.

From the Dreams Come True series: Jade Walker felt it when she first went on ride-alongs at night with the local fire department. Charles Phoenix felt it when he found his first set of Kodachrome slides in a thrift shop. Ina Garten felt it when she first walked into the little gourmet food shop that would soon become hers. Susan Stone felt it the first time she saw her property on Fiji.

Your “ah-ha” moment can happen anywhere and anytime, and you’ll know you’ve found your thing when you feel it. That feeling will let you know you’re on the right track.

Fear and self-doubt can send you off track (but doesn’t have to!)

When you want to head in a new direction, don’t be surprised when fear and self-doubt try to hijack your plans. Fear doesn’t like change and self-doubt will try to undermine your ideas and confidence. Everyone feels fear when they try something new, even people who are accomplished and successful.

From the Dreams Come True series: Max Brooks resisted trying to publish his first book because he was afraid that no one else would be interested in it. Carl Tanner earned a degree in music but shied away from a singing career because he looked at his fellow students and thought they were better than him.

Know that fear and doubt will show up, but they don’t get to run the show. Keep moving forward, in the direction that’s calling you.

Look for the next step

When you think about heading in a new direction, you’re not alone if you first want to know what all the steps are and how it’s going to work out. But if you wait for the security and certainty of an assured outcome, you’ll never get started.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know all the steps to make a move. You only need the next step.

From the Dreams Come True series: Peter Knego began documenting the interiors of retired cruise ships, which prepared him for the salvage work he began when the ships were later sold for scrap. Charles Phoenix sorted and cataloged the slides he found he at flea markets which inspired him to do a slide show in his living room for his friends which led him to offer his popular public slide shows. Ina Garten ran her gourmet food store for 20 years before discovering that her style of cooking was popular with readers and, eventually, with viewers.

Follow your curiosity. Pay attention to the clues and opportunities around you. Take the next step in front of you.

It’s a funny thing – the path may not seem clear as you’re moving forward, but it will make sense when you look back on it and see how each step led you to the next one.

OK, now let's recap the six Dreams Come True lessons:

  • It’s not a straight path to success

  • The thing you think makes you “weird” is the thing that sets you apart

  • Connect with your innate interests

  • Pay attention to your inner wisdom that says THIS IS IT

  • Fear and self-doubt can send you off track (but doesn’t have to!)

  • Look for the next step

These lessons may seem simple but they are, in fact, the tools to change your life. Whether you want to make a big change or tweak a few things to make life a little better, use these lessons to guide your way.

The Dreams Come True examples show you how the lessons worked in their lives, now I challenge you to discover how they can work in yours. Your life is waiting for you!

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