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Start The New Year Your Way

When the calendar turns to January, our culture’s attention turns to one thing: resolutions.

Will you make them, will you keep them, blah blah blah. Little commentary (or attention) is given to deeper questions about what you choose and why. Or even if this is really the right time for you to resolve anything.

I want to share with you some of my favorite articles from the archive to help you set the foundation for the new year in a way that’s right for you:

Calling Bullshit On The New Year

When January 1 comes, it brings with it the pressure to remake yourself. But real life doesn't conform to the calendar. Here's how you recognize your own personal new year.

Why Resolutions Fail (And How To Set Yourself Up For Success)

Why are resolutions so hard to keep? Learn the real reason why you drop your resolutions and how to successfully achieve them.

How To Get What You Want With Three Words (Your GPS For Happiness)

Get to the heart of what you want with this simple strategy. Let three words guide you toward fulfilling your dreams.

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