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T-shirts for a new way of living

The work we’re doing here together – learning to live deliberately and authentically – is important work. It’s about choosing how we want to shape our lives, care for ourselves and connect with others. Serious stuff.


It’s also about not being too hard on ourselves. How we can be more playful, lighthearted and really proud of our growth and change along this path?


From this question, a juicy idea was hatched! Say hello to my new line of tshirts #PBCtees!

More joy tshirt

Find your favorite and wear it for fun, for motivation, for inspiration!

And for the days when you need a right-in-front-of-you reminder of what’s important.


Be sure to click on “view all categories” to see all of the collections.


Each collection has multiple designs, and all the designs are available on 100+ styles of tshirts/tanks/hoodies, which means you have literally (… hold on, doing the math…) 25,000+ shirts to choose from. Yay!


Let’s show the world what we’re doing with our lives.


Join me in this seriously fun, important and lighthearted journey – and look sharp while doing it, too!